Stem Cells for Dental Implants and Tooth Regrowth

When, and if, these two new treatments are successful on humans, they could end up totally replacing the dental composite and dental implants industries.

The new advancements don’t work from the perspective of replacing teeth that are damaged or fall out due to trauma, cavities, or gum disease. Instead, the stem cells are used to actually regenerate the teeth.

This is possible because stem cells can create any type of cell in the body. When the right stem cell is used along with the right growth factors to encourage stem cell growth, new tissues – such as a tooth – can become a reality.

70250391 – dentists tooth plastic model with screw implant for teaching, learning and patients in dental office showing teeth and gums.

New research shows that stem cells for dental implants and tooth regrowth are right around the corner and could provide painless ways of saving and restoring teeth.

The two advancements that were used in these initial studies were:

1. Low level laser therapy that activated the stem cells and created new teeth.

2. The creation of a 3-D scaffold with a collagen sponge upon which the stem cells and growth factors were added, and new teeth formed. Sometimes a drug is used to start the process.


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